Pebble Creek Estate 

Why Greater Flagstone is the land of opportunity

The Greater Flagstone PDA sits within South East Queensland’s south-west growth corridor, meaning the Queensland Government has identified the area as one of the largest job and industry growth areas in Australia.

The population is expected to increase to around 120,000.  Greater Flagstone will have everything it needs to be a thriving, self-sufficient location while also containing strong transport connections to other key areas in South East Queensland.

The Greater Flagstone PDA currently sits between two future employment precincts at North Maclean and Bromelton. North Maclean is expected to provide a quicker, more short term business and retail area while Bromelton is expected to grow over a longer period of time, providing industrial, manufacturing and logistics development.

Apart from the employment opportunities available across a range of professions, making the community liveable and inclusive, the Greater Flagstone PDA will also put a strong emphasis on cultural and community services, community greenspace and outdoor recreation. Providing the area with activity and entertainment venues, including parks and maintaining the current natural setting will help residents live active, healthy lifestyles.

Despite the ability to provide its community with all the appropriate necessities and luxuries, Greater Flagstone will also be serviced by a transport system that will allow cars to easily travel to Brisbane, Logan and other major urban areas in South East Queensland.

The government has also committed to incorporating a bus service that will link the area with other centres in Logan, and has also investigated the potential for a passenger rail service which would allow direct connection to the Brisbane metropolitan rail network.

Town centre
town centre 2
Flagstone planned

Surrounded by parkland, and bordered to the north by Flagstone Creek, Pebble Creek is a master planned community intricately designed to bring out the very best; of nature, of space, of connectivity, and family.

At the heart of the community sits a multi-million dollar park and activity hub, featuring sport ovals, playgrounds, multi-use courts, a bicycle precinct, picnic areas, a dog off-lease park and more.

When complete, Pebble Creek will be home to more than 1800 people.

Pebble Creek falls within the Greater Flagstone Priority Development Area, which is expected to be home to 120,000 people when fully developed.

Aerial View of Pabble Creek

Artists Impression of completed development

A Typical Single-Story Home in Pebble Creek

A Typical Terrace Home in Pebble Creek

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