There are nearly two million landlords in Australia today.

When you invest correctly you could slash years off your mortgage.

For all the people that strike gold in property investment, there’s an even greater number that crash and burn.

Property investment is one area in which you can’t afford to go in blind.  Anyone can succeed with proper guidance, however, if you are completely new to this, the following Property Investment tips might be exactly what you need to get you started:

How much can you afford?

The good news is we connect you with independent Investment Finance Specialists that can structure your finances to suit you and not the banks.


Once your finances are sorted out, then it becomes a matter of selecting a lucrative location to invest in.  Most professionals will encourage you to identify property in prime areas.

However, property in these areas often can be too expensive for the average Australian to purchase, especially if they are new to the property investment arena. Central locations are attractive, but you can still make significant gains by identifying property in areas with robust growth potential.

That means locations that have all the necessary infrastructure and where the demand for rental accommodations has started to rise. Not only is property in such areas more affordable but you are guaranteed a greater return on your investment.


A Professional Rental Property Manager can ease the burden to make investment property ownership management as hassle free as possible. At Compass Property we act as your big brother and refer in numbers to one or two select Rental Only real estates. As a group we have more power to ensure good ‘hassle free’ property management.


You should aim for functionality instead of luxury. Most people when looking for a rental property don’t need a fancy outdoor kitchen or a hot tub.  If your property is clean and safe, in the right area, then it is much easier to rent out.

Lucrative Australian Property Investment opportunities are everywhere. You just need to know where to look. That’s where one of our Senior Property Strategists can go through and work on your own individual property investment strategy in a one-on-one session with you.

Property investment in Australia is one arena in which you don’t want to gamble. To arrange your Free Strategy Session without any obligation, call us on 1300 368 626 or fill in your details below.